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The Solution

The first in-the-car commercial GPS solution that is affordable for both small and large fleet operators. The system features distance to any point of interest, real-time golf car tracking, two-way communication, broadcast quality advertisements and more.

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How It Works

Any golf course PC can display the current location of all golf cars on a map that updates as the cars move. If a car is out of position, simply send a message. You can also broadcast a weather alert or promote your shop to the fleet.

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The Device

An ultra-slim, lightweight 10.1” colour touchscreen with inbuilt GPS, connectivity, communications and multimedia support forms the heart of the solution.

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View colour coded icons to quickly see the status of every golf car on the course. Optional features improve functionality and lower the cost of fleet ownership.

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GPSGolf Blog

Read all about the GPSGolf commercial solution as an easy to follow PowerPoint presentation.

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Contact Us

To find out more, schedule a course visit and presentation.

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